Slim d’Hermès Pocket So H

Certain designs encapsulate the entire graphic culture of a House and the So H motif, created in 1971 for a Hermès tie, is definitely one of these. It now appears for the first time on the cover of a pocket replica watches uk: Slim d’Hermès Pocket So H. This exceptional model is issued in six-piece limited series for each of the four creations, respectively featuring a hawk’s eye dial with pink gold case; an ox-eye dial with gem-set rose gold case; an onyx dial with white gold case; and an aventurine dial with gem-set white gold case.

Giving life to this skilfully orchestrated interlacing pattern of “Hs” is a task that demands a particular blend of infinite patience and technical mastery. The finishing of the cover alone takes around 45 hours. The artisan begins with a previously openworked gold plate. A small graver is used to eliminate any rough patches on the surface of the Swiss replica watches cover and render it completely smooth, while devoting particular care to the interwoven “Hs”. Then comes the polishing. In a subtle rhythmic dance performed with pegs made from various types of wood ranging from the hardest to the softest, the artisan applies different pastes that will gradually rub down the gold and reveal its full brilliance.

The light, airy composition of the So H cover protects a hard stone dial of which tantalizing glimpses appear through its openings. Whether adorned with white diamonds or in a replica watches simply polished version, it distils a time that is infinitely Hermès, beating to the steady pace of the ultra-thin Manufacture Hermès H1950 calibre.