Andrew explains UK Swiss Replica Hublot’s price positioning on a recent podcast, and it makes perfect sense

This is more of a “Recommended Listening” than a “Recommended Reading”, but nevertheless, it’s something worth tuning into. Our very own Andrew McUtchen will tell anyone who will listen how much of a fan of perfect replica Hublot he is. Hell, the watch I’ve seen him wear more than any other is his Big Bang White Ceramic (or as he calls it, the “Stormtrooper“) and he has, no doubt, put many people on to the brand who’d never previously considered it, myself included.

However, a common criticism of the Swiss brand is that its price positioning is sometimes hard to wrap one’s head around. On the one hand, when compared to other “hyper watches” – think Richard Mille, Roger Dubuis or Urwerk – luxury fake Hublot represents reasonable value (as loaded as a term that is). On the other hand, Swiss made replica Hublot is a brand that’s been criticised for charging tens of thousands of dollars for watches with off-the-shelf movements. How do you reconcile both those facets of the brand?

Well, as Andrew himself put it to me, he recently had “a rare moment of UK best 1:1 fake Hublot clarity and inspiration” while appearing as a guest on The Deep Track, a podcast started by watch industry veteran and GPHG Academy member Blake Buettner. Andrew had his trusty Stormtrooper on his wrist while chatting with the always-affable Blake, and Blake described the Swiss movement replica Hublot as being “very Andrew”. To which Andrew had this response, connecting his love of Hublot to the way he’s tried to run Time+Tide:

“I own AP, I could wear something that gets me a seat at the cool kid’s table today… [But] I’m wearing aaa quality fake Hublot UK because that is actually my perspective [about watch culture], which is have the courage to wear a watch that isn’t popular in the watch cohort, dare to wear a watch that suits your lifestyle… Put it outside of the matrix of where it sits on the cool wall.”

“That’s what people are discounting when they break cheap super clone Hublot down to its parts and say ‘oh, it’s a Selita movement’ or ‘it’s an ETA movement’ [or] ‘I could get that movement in a watch for $1,000’. It’s like yeah, but there’s no story or meaning to that brand if the brand that’s selling it hasn’t invested in it. Hublot replica for sale UK has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in telling a story that I really like, actually.

The point is that top quality replica watches are an irrational, emotional investment, and as Andrew puts it, “if there’s an accountant deciding whether a watch is worth the money or not, it’s immediately a doomed exercise.” Listen to the whole podcast to get his unadulterated take on the matter, as well as listen to him share some other brands he’s digging, and a bit of Time+Tide’s past (and future).