Parmigiani Fleurier – Tonda 1950 special edition Meteorite

Unpolished, irregular and fragmented – such are the characteristics of a Rolex replica watches for sale meteorite.

Yet, it is this captivating rock that forms the dial of Parmigiani Fleurier’s new special edition Tonda 1950. Available in Abyss Blue or black, these dials feature a texture whose beauty lies in the very fact that it is unpredictable; mysterious, because it is not entirely of this world.

The rapid change in temperature that the replica watches wholesale meteor rock is subjected to as it enters the atmosphere indelibly imprints its crystal structure, even if it appears homogeneous in its natural state. The rock must be treated in a series of acid baths to gradually reveal the magnificent texture born from this natural impact.

Every step involved in working with meteor rock is a delicate process. It is difficult to machine as it is harder than normal rock; as its mineral structure is unpredictable and varying, conventional working processes cannot be used. Therefore, it is only after scientific tests, and with the benefit of their experience, that master dial-makers have come up with the perfect cut and the two colourways which the models now boasts: Abyss Blue or black.

The case of this special edition Tonda 1950 is made from titanium, a lightweight and elegant replica watches uk store material which is particularly difficult to machine due to its inflammability. But this challenge was one which simply had to be met, as it was important that a natural element found in the periodic table – titanium, unlike platinum or gold, is not used as an alloy – was paired with something as pure and natural as a meteorite.