Boucheron Epure steel

With the Epure collection, Maison Boucheron becomes an architect of time. With its strong lines, and classic esthetic, the Maison plays on contrasts that come together in a celebration of Simplicity, this promising a new Cariter replica watches and timeless elegance.

Following the launch of the first gold version in gold two years ago, Epure is now introducing 6 steel models for an even more contemporary look. Beneath the Epure Acier’s cleverly simple round case lies a highly complex design and a creative esthetic that enhances Boucheron’s iconic motifs more than ever before.

More than just a timepiece, Epure represents a philosophy of life and embodies Frédéric Boucheron’s vision of time by preserving only the essential to light up life’s most joyful hours.


The Cabochon
Electric blue in colour, it has a subtle glow that is unique to the intimate savoir-faire of the Jeweler of Lights. Known as the ‘oracle stone’ in antiquity, this polished sapphire is positioned at the top replica watches uk of the winding crown and of the dial, drawing attention to this iconic Maison Boucheron motif more than ever before.

The Double Gadroon
Placed together, these two rings of polished gold symbolise the eternal love between two beings who are forever bound to one another. The double gadroon is one of the Maison’s oldest motifs.

The oversize 3 and 9 markers are a tribute to the year 1893, when the Boucheron boutique opened at 26 Place Vendôme. Frédéric Boucheron was the first jeweler to set up a boutique in this famous Parisian square and chose the location for its exceptional light.

Paris Cobblestones
A true hallmark of the French capital, the clous de Paris motif reflects the city and its architecture. It is used in many creations (including the legendary Quatre) and creates light effects that are contrasted with the brilliance of the Epure dial.

A technological, masculine chronograph

Available in black or white, the Epure chronograph combines the classic elegance of the Epure case with a highly technical complication. Its blue hands add a touch of colour that is softened by the brilliance of the polished markers. The two pusher of the chronograph have been adorned with 2 blue sapphires, giving the fake watches for uk sale a contemporary and asserted aesthetic.