When Corum Encounters Halloween – UK Replica Corum Bubble Clown With Unique Aesthetics

With the courage to explore the new area and the innovation, Corum has been considered as one of the most innovative watch brands since it was founded. What will happen when Corum encounters the Halloween? The 52 mm Corum Bubble fake watch will tell you.

The large size of the dial offers enough space for the distinctive and exquisite image of the clown.
Self-Winding Mechanical Movement Corum Bubble Replica

Matt Barners is an artist from America and he is an aesthetic pioneer who doesn’t take the usual way. It is the second that Corum cooperates with him to create the innovative wristwatches, setting the image of the clown on the dial, manifesting the personality and power. The design of the the clown is special and fantastic for there’s a tension between each element. The smiling expression is accompanied by the sharp fangs. The weird aesthetic concept of Matt Barnes embodies the ingenious style and spirit of Corum.

The integrated design of this Corum Bubble is creative and contrasting.
Black Vulcanized Rubber Strap Fake Corum

The titanium case with black PVD coating Corum copy watch displays the time differently with common models. There aren’t the minute hand and hour hand on the dial, the two red circles represent the function of them to display the time. The 52 mm diameter leaves enough space for the clown while the sapphire crystal highlights its facial features, entirely expanding the boldness and revolution.