Vulcain – The 50s Presidents’ Watch collection and its graphic codes

1947 will forever be an exceptional date in the history of watchmaking, marked by Vulcain’s auspicious entry into the field of alarm Cartier replica watches uk. That was the year the brand unveiled its first mechanical alarm wristwatch, equipped with what would become the legendary Cricket Calibre. This innovative movement would feature on numerous Vulcain wristwatches. It marked the start of a new era. The success of the Cricket watch spread rapidly; amongst its notable wearers were Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon and Johnson, earning it the nickname of «the Presidents’ watch».

«Vulcain for Heiner Lauterbach», manual cricket alarm wristwatch, pink gold and steel, 42 mm, mother of pearl dial, pink indices

The destiny of the Vulcain 50s Presidents’ Watch has developed aesthetically and mechanically throughout the history of the manufacture.


A contemporary model with a fifties spirit: such was the guiding theme behind the creation of the 50s Presidents’ Watch collection. An alarm watch inspired by the models of the 1950s, but which meets today’s most exacting standards.

Right from its launch in 2010, with the first models marketed in 2011, this range seduced fake watches store connoisseurs and collectors the world over. Equipped with Vulcain’s now legendary Cricket Calibre, this collection was quickly made available in manual and automatic versions.

Manual cricket alarm wristwatch, steel, date, 42 mm, raspberry sunray dial, stone-set bezel, rhodium-plated indices

Every year since then, the Le Locle manufacture has added to this range, which has gradually become known as the brand’s icon.


Remaining faithful to the graphic codes of the 1950s, the first cricket watches quickly gained worldwide success, laying the foundations for what, fifty years later, would become the 50s Presidents’ Swiss replica watches uk collection.


For the Baselworld fair, the brand decided to promote this iconic collection with a new-look dial combining elegance and refinement.

Remaining faithful to the brand’s codes, the new manual range, which is available in numerous colour options, features a subtle guilloché decoration and a strap specially designed to match the dial.