UK Jaquet Droz Replica An interview with Christian Lattmann

— A year brimming with exclusive models from Jaquet Droz Fake Watches, according to Christian Lattmann, Executive VP.


Christian Lattmann, Executive Vice-President of the brand based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, is immediately clear about the fact that the year 2016 brings a wealth of new models, and especially exclusive ones. A large number of timepieces will be limited editions, including the new version of the Charming Bird, for which the engraving on mother-of-pearl called for considerable time and patience to achieve such an excellent result. During this year’s Baselworld, Worldtempus seized the opportunity to ask how Jaquet Droz is doing.

Another edition of Baselworld: how would you sum things up in a few words?
For Jaquet Droz, Baselworld is always an extraordinary occasion. We can discuss our products with other professionals and most of all listen to our clients’ opinions. Their recognition of our products testifies to their confidence in us and that makes us want to do even more and even better.

Your new models presented at Baselworld are in line with the brand identity. What are the guiding principles behind the creation of your timepieces?
Our collections are indeed consistent and in keeping with the three key Jaquet Droz pillars: automata which represent the art of astonishment; métiers d’art (arts and crafts) showcasing the work of our artisans; and the brand’s pure, instantly recognisable and indeed iconic Grande Seconde, our large seconds subdial.

Tell us more about this fascination for automata…
Pierre Jaquet Droz was acclaimed for his exceptional automata from 1773 onwards. Today, we seek to perpetuate his expertise through our wristwatches and this is a beautiful accomplishment. The difficulty lies in miniaturisation. Fortunately, new techniques enable us to rise to this mechanical challenge. It’s a spirit that we wish to perpetuate.

Your watches radiate a sense of poetry.
Definitely and I love to say express things in those terms. There is poetry in the Charming Bird and the spirit of nature is also strongly present in the Petite Heure Minute Lumières de Mille Ans. Each timepiece has a history and embodies the Jaquet Droz heritage.

So art is very important to Jaquet Droz?
Indeed. We notably partner the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, following them and supporting them for every performance worldwide. One can draw legitimate parallels between dance and watchmaking. It takes many hours of work, precision and excellence to achieve a result as beautiful as a ballet or a watch. Both are embodiments of true art!


Charming Bird © Swiss Replica Watches For Sale

How is the start of 2016 looking for Replica Jaquet Droz?
These are tough times for everyone, but consumer demand is still there. The first two months of the year have been positive. Our clientele seeks exceptional craftsmanship and that is what we deliver. We are a brand that is reassuring, notably due to our stability on the watch market, which reinforces our credibility.

What are the plans for this year?
We are renovating our Tokyo boutique, which will be ready by June. And we will be presenting several new models over the coming months, with a surprise at the end of the year.