TAG Heuer Kei Nishikori and his TAG Heuer Professional Golf Replica Watches

— Ambassadeur TAG Heuer depuis 2012, Kei Nishikori arbore sur les courts de tennis le modèle Professional Golf UK Replica Watches. tag-heuer-kei-nishikori

The 26-year-old Japanese tennis player is currently 6th in the ATP rankings.  He turned professional in 2007 and, at the age of 18, became the youngest player to reach the top 100 in the ATP rankings. He was also the first Asian player to reach a Grand Slam final (the US Open in 2014). He has eleven singles titles to his name, including several ATP 500 tournaments.

Kei Nishikori has been an ambassador for TAG Heuer since 2012. On the court, his Professional Golf Watch never leaves his wrist. As its name suggests, the watch was developed with the help of Tiger Woods (formerly a brand ambassador) to meet the ergonomic requirements of golfers. But Kei Nishikori chose it for very good reason. Indeed, there are many amateur and professional players who play both tennis and golf, and the sports share a number of similarities.


TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch. © Swiss Replica Watches

The Professional Golf Watch, in finely brushed stainless steel and titanium, weighs just 55 grams, 30% of the weight of a regular watch. Its elegant square case encloses a high-quality extra-flat quartz movement. This model also features a patented clasp integrated into the watch head, so as not to interfere with the player’s movement. The flexible silicone strap is supremely comfortable to wear, adapting instantaneously to variations in the wrist diameter during play, and maintaining optimum fit without tightness. And, last but not least, the Professional Golf Watch has exceptional shock-absorbing properties, making it capable of withstanding shocks of up to 5,000 G.