My Top 10 Swatch Watches Of The Year

Who says we don’t cover affordable replica watches made Swiss here? In this top 10 Swatch watches article from my blog, I reveal to you my top 10 new Swatch watches from the brand’s latest offerings. (Incidentally, some of these Swatch watches are also among the best selling models at retail). All of them are priced at 130 Euro or less, many of them are unisex watches and can be worn every day, as dress watches, sport watches. Enjoy my top 10 Swatch watches for this year, and I look forward to learning more about your own favorite top 10 Swatch watches as well.

So, without further ado, here we go. WatchTime’s comments to Alexander’s list: the selection on page 1 of this article includes the Swatch Skybond, Swatch Garosugil, Swatch Chrono Plastic White Speed, and Swatch Nitespeed – all of which can be considered sporty unisex watches that can either be worn as dress watches or everyday timepieces. They’re all typical Swatch watches in that the dial is immediately recognizable as a Swatch watch.
Swatch Skybond
Swatch Garosugil
Swatch Chrono Plastic White Speed
Swatch Nitespeed
The Swatch for The Love of W is a more female replica watches but it might also be worn by men if the overall appearance of both clothes and watch create a consistent style. In any case, this timepiece is very popular and has found a place on Alexander’s top 10 Swatch watches list.
Swatch For the Love of W
What WatchTime thinks: here a blue, red and pink Swatch with a unique style and general appeal have been added. The Swatch RedPass and Swatch For the Love of K are equally interesting for men and women while the Swatch Pink Fuzz clearly is a typical Swatch ladies’ watch, but with an interesting twist and an approachable design that is suitable for many female wrists.
Swatch For the Love of K
Swatch RedPass
Swatch Pink Fuzz
Here are two more colorful pieces in lighter variations that might appeal for younger collectors, your kids or Swatch aficionados who would like to expand their selection of Swatch timepieces.
Swatch Peppercane
Swatch Caramellissima
Beyond the aforementioned top 10 Swatch replica watches uk we should also have a closer look at the Swatch Sistem51 which was introduced at Baselworld 2013 but has seen great success throughout 2014 as well – and it won’t take long for the Sistem51 to become one of the top 10 Swatch watches by sales in 2015 and beyond. Please go to the next page to read more about the groundbreaking achievements behind the Sistem51.
There are three main features that make the Sistem51 noteworthy. First, like the original Swatch quartz watches, it has only 51 components, whereas most mechanical watches have upwards of 100. Also like the original Swatch, its assembly is entirely automated. Finally, it will cost just $150. The four models are Sistem Red, Sistem Blue, Sistem Black and Sistem White. The red and blue models have translucent plastic cases and black silicone straps with accent-color stitching. Their dials are black with a red or blue central seconds hand, respectively. The bezel is in black plastic with white Super-LumiNova hour markers. Through the caseback, a transparent crystal rotor is visible, as well a printed “star-burst” pattern. The Sistem Black has a black leather strap and a different printed pattern on the dial. Its back features a “vortex” pattern. The Sistem White has a more minimalist dial design with brightly colored dots and no hour markers on the bezel or the dial. It comes on a white silicone strap.
Swatch Sistem51 - blue

Swatch designed the Sistem51 from the ground up: it uses no components from other watches, and the company has applied for 17 patents for its design. Each watch is constructed on a 20-meter-long assembly line in a clean-room environment, then hermetically sealed. No human intervention is necessary. Even the regulating of the movement, traditionally a time-consuming manual process, is hands-free: a laser adjusts the movement to an accuracy of +/-7 seconds a day. A truly amazing watch and a worthy add-on to our top 10 Swatch watches list.

What are your personal top 10 Swatch watches? What do you think about the Sistem51? Let me know in the comments of this post. We will update our list whenever a new fake Swiss watches is introduced that is worthy of being added to this curated selection.