Italy Rejoices As Luxury Panerai Fake Watches UK Become The Newest Watch Brand In Outer Space

Watch brands love to be connected with pursuits of human endurance and achievement: mountain climbing, motorsports, deep-sea diving… But when it comes to AAA UK replica watches, space truly is the final frontier.

Only a handful of 1:1 perfect fake watches have ever made it into outer space. Of course, the OMEGA Speedmaster is famous as the first watch in space, but they’re not the only timepieces to have ever left Earth’s orbit (as much as OMEGA’s marketing department might try and convince you otherwise).

Now, in 2022, there’s another brand that can join the rarefied club of ‘space watches’ – high quality Panerai replica watches. It might not be the first, but it’s unequivocally the first Italian watch brand to make it into space, and we’d argue probably the most stylish watch brand to ever grace a spacefarer’s wrist.

On the 19th of January, Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, the current commander of Expedition 66 to the International Space Station Expedition, wore best copy Panerai Radiomir watches (ref. PAM210) during some extra-vehicular activity. Russia and Italy might have beef at the moment over Ukraine, but we’d say that Paneristi across Italy and the world would be very pleased to see a Radiomir in space.

This officially makes replica Panerai watches wholesale online the 7th wristwatch brand to be directly exposed to outer space, along with OMEGA, Glycine, Bulova, Fortis, Flyta and Seiko. (Other watch brands that have made it to space, such as Casio, haven’t been directly exposed to space.)

Retro dive Swiss movements super clone watches like the Radiomir perhaps isn’t the first watch you’d think of when choosing a watch to wear in outer space, it’s actually a surprisingly good choice. Its large 45mm case, ultra-legible design, hefty construction and its shock-absorbent, hand-wound movement are all real pluses for an astronaut or cosmonaut.

The ref. PAM210 was produced from 2005 to 2012, which means this Radiomir is potentially Shkaplerov’s personal piece. This gives cheap fake Panerai watches even more credibility, as it’s not just some cynical brand exercise. Panerais are officially tough enough to make it in outer space. As if you needed another excuse to get one for yourself…