Two New Montblanc Replica Watches UK Which Will Be Launched In 2019

The timepieces of Montblanc released in 2019 will be very wonderful. No matter the basic models for daily life or the chronograph models that many professionals favor, Montblanc will satisfy you. The new Montblanc fake watches have combined the tradition of Minerva with its personal feature perfectly.

Montblanc Star

This Montblanc Star is a good formal watch for any occasion.
Blue Leather Strap Replica Montblanc Star

The blue hands copy Montblanc Star will be a right watch which will be suitable for any occasion. Meanwhile, it is easy to match the clothes. The guilloche pattern of the dial perfectly balances the steadiness and fashion. Without any doubt, it will be a good partner of your suits.

Montblanc Star Moonphase

The complicated function of full calendar has been favored by many business men.
Blue Hands Knockoff Montblanc

The full calendar function has been favored by many commercial men for they can master the day of week, date, month and other practical information at one glance. The knockoff watch with steel case also features the blue hands and blue leather strap.

Introducing The Mysterious “WWW” Replica Watches UK During Second World War

What is “WWW”? It is not the domain name of a website, and it exactly means “Wrist, Watch, Waterproof”. However, for watches issued under this standard, there is also a common name in the watchmaking industry – “The Dirty Dozen”. It is worth mentioning that these watches were finished until May to December of 1945, while the Second World War was ended in May. Therefore, these antique fake watches hadn’t appeared on the battlefield of Second World War. But they were not wasted, even some armed forces from other countries took them.

These antique military watches have been manufactured from 12 watch brands.
Significant Replica Watches Of “WWW”

The standards of these “WWW” are: 35-38 mm diameter, black dial, luminescent coated hands and hour markers, track minutes scales, the diameter of the movement is 11.75 to 13 and equipped with 15 gemstones, anti-shock glass, chrome or stainless steel case, waterproof and high precision. The watches met all the requirements will be engraved the unique symbols of UK Financial Department, “WWW”.

All these watches are produced with the same standard.
Steel Cases Fake Military Watches

Due to the different company and different capacity of production, the quantities from different companies were different. The twelve companies are: Buren, Cyma, Eterna, Grana, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lemania, Longines, Omega, Record, Timor and Vertex. All the black dials imitation watches will allow the watch lovers to listen to the whisper about the history and stories of the war.

Introducing The Development History Of Popular IWC Portugieser Replica Watches UK

In 1939, Messrs Rodrigues and Antonio Teixera, the two merchants from Portugal wanted an accurate wristwatch, so they placed an order from IWC. At that time, the watchmaking technology was not as advanced as today and the it was a period of evolution from pocket watch to wristwatch in watchmaking industry. For timepieces, the smaller the movement is, the less accurate the watch will be. IWC adopted the Cal.74-a large movement from pocket watch to make that order.

The diameter of the case is 42 mm due to the large movement of pocket watch.
Black Dial Imitation IWC Watch

Ref.325 was born and the three iconic features of appearance were Arabic numerals hour markers, willow-leaf shaped hands and curved lugs. The diameter has been increased to 42 mm as the movement is very large. Nowadays, it will be welcomed however, at that time, 34 mm was the most popular size. So only 304 pieces of Ref.325 were produced. The size of the case completely limited the sales of 42 mm imitation IWC Ref.325.

This Portugieser was brand's first chronograph timepiece.
IWC Replica With Silver Dial

The condition hadn’t been changed till 1980s. In 1993, the brand released a large mode Ref.5441 with a pocket watch movement at the time of the brand’s 125th anniversary, which also represented that the Portugieser collection was founded. In 1995, IWC launched the Ref.3712, which was the brand’s first chronograph timepiece. It was mentioning that the steel case fake IWC Portugieser was not the commonly seen chronograph, instead it was the complex split-seconds model.

20 years later, the current IWC Portugieser looks very similar to the original Ref.3714. There aren’t obvious change between them.